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Artist's rendering of an asteroid pair

“Divorced” asteroids go their separate ways

For space rocks, sunny weather makes breaking up easy to do.

Launch of Aussat A1

Aussie satellite anniversary

Australia’s first communications satellite was launched 25 years ago.

The Ring Nebula

The striking Ring Nebula

Ring of colourful gas surrounds a “burned out” star.

Mars rover learns to reach out

Mars rover learns to reach out

Curiosity rover has robotic arm fitted, and takes its first “baby steps”. Watch the videos…

Craters on the Moon

Shrinking moon starts to crack up

Cliffs in the Moon’s crust suggest the rocky world is cooling and shrinking. Watch the video…

Satellite image of Tuvalu

Tuvalu: Islands in Danger

The world’s fourth-smallest nation is a string of atolls barely above sea level.

Core of the galaxy M87

Galactic super-volcano in action

Black hole inside galaxy M87 is blasting away gas that would otherwise form stars.

Artist's impression of the CoRoT space mission

Stellar acoustics sound like sunspots

Starquakes make stars “ring like a bell”, revealing details of their magnetism.

Artist's impression of two Saturn-like planets orbiting very close to the star Kepler-9b.

More planets found

Two are like Saturn, while a third could be a “hot Earth”.

Petermann Glacier and iceberg

Greenland’s changing landscape

Icebergs and plankton blooms star in NASA images of the ice continent.