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NASA's dancing robot

NASA’s dancing robot

Six-limbed robot ATHLETE shows off its talents. Watch the video…

GLIMPSE360 and 2MASS image

Glimpse of glittering stars and gas

NASA’s Spitzer space telescope takes a long look at our Galaxy’s outer limits.

Artist's impression of the James Webb Space Telescope

Coming soon: Hubble’s successor

Webb Telescope will be almost three times as big as Hubble. Watch the trailer…

Brown dwarf size compared to Jupiter, the Sun and the Earth

“Failed star” orbits Sun look-alike

Brown dwarf spotted orbiting a much younger version of our Sun.

Hot star: don’t get too close!

Hot star: don’t get too close!

This star might look pretty, but it is huge, hot and blowing a gale.

Rhea, Prometheus and Saturn's rings

Moons with a view

Eerie images of Saturn’s moons, courtesy of NASA’s Cassini spacecraft

Artist's impression of New Horizons at Pluto

Unique view of Jupiter

Pluto-bound spacecraft takes a look back at the Solar System’s biggest planet

Space spin-offs

Space spin-offs

NASA launch pad technology is being used to monitor dangerous volcanoes

Incredible Hubble video

Incredible Hubble video

Amazing Hubble Telescope video of a star-forming region in a nearby galaxy

Artist's conception of buckyballs in space

Buckyballs in space!

Important soccer ball-shaped molecules have been seen in space for the first time.