Become a Mars explorer!

An artist's impression of the Curiosity rover

Hundreds of thousands of names of members of the public, will be stored on microchip and carried to Mars by the Mars Science Laboratory mission in 2011.

  • NASA collecting names for Mars missions
  • Will be stored on a microchip
  • Sent to Mars in 2011 aboard new mission

NASA is inviting members of the public from all over the world, to submit their names for its next Mars mission. The names will be stored on a microchip carried to the Red Planet by Mars Science Laboratory mission, scheduled to launch in 2011.

The Mars Science Laboratory—named Curiosity—is a rover that will assess whether Mars ever was, or still is, an environment able to support microbial life.

As of the beginning June, over 750,000 people from dozens of countries had submitted their details for the flight. The top ranking countries at the time of writing are:

  • USA – 293,302 names
  • UK – 49,784
  • Brazil – 40,985
  • India – 33,265
  • Canada – 27303
  • Turkey – 25243
  • Australia – 21960

After you’ve entered your name, you can print a certificate and view a map showing where all the other contributors are from.

NASA web site: Send your name to Mars!

Adapted from information issued by NASA.

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