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R Corona Australis nebula

Cosmic watercolour

Starbirth region is a delicate mix of colours, masking a cauldron of infant stars.

Australia seen from orbit

Amazing NASA video

Watch the Earth roll by in this video of our planet as seen from the Space Station.

Part of the Perseus star formation region

Super-organics found in space

Molecule that forms “life chemicals” has been found in deep space.

The Caspian Sea seen from orbit

Caspian Sea from orbit

World’s largest inland body of water, as seen by a NASA satellite

Launch of the Ariane 5 V195 mission

Rocket launch video

Ariane 5 mission launches two satellites on the same flight. Watch the video…

A simulation of dark matter distribution

Supercomputer to boost Australian astronomy

Computer games technology will simulate cosmic events up to 100 times better.

Artist's impression of a pulsar

Pulsars aren’t perfect

Magnetic flips could explain why these strange stars behave in weird ways.

Volcán Villarrica

Volcano at the end of the world

2,500-metre-high stratovolcano at the tip of South America

Artist's impression of Deep Impact and comet Tempel 1

Comet probe pays visit to Earth

EPOXI makes Sunday fly-by of Earth to pick up speed for comet encounter

Artist’s concept of lightning on Venus

Was Venus once habitable?

Venus and Earth are completely different today, but was it always that way?