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WISE space telescope image of the Heart and Soul nebulae

Space telescope reveals hidden cosmos

NASA’s WISE telescope sees a huge double nebula and thousands of asteroids.

The Orion Nebula

New star-forming regions found

Milky Way found to have more regions where stars are being formed.

A satellite view of the Phoenix Mars Lander on the surface of Mars

Mars lander doesn’t phone home

NASA’s Phoenix lander stays silent as images show damage to its solar panels.

The Canberra Deep Space Communication Complex

Aussie tracking stations honoured

Current and former NASA tracking stations recognised as Historic Sites.

Diagram showing the orbits of three planets around the star Upsilon Andromedae A

Wacky planets force a rethink

Planets with angled orbits challenge ideas of how multi-planet systems evolve.

Artist's impression of our Milky Way galaxy seen from above

Bursting ‘bubbles’ give our Galaxy gas

Gas clouds surrounding our Milky Way galaxy came from bubbles bursting within it.

Artist's impression of ASKAP dishes

Aussies and Kiwis forge cosmic connection

Radio telescopes in two countries link up over a distance of 5,500km.

Cosmonaut Oleg V. Kotov pictured near "fresh" fruit floating freely in the International Space Station.

Space food: Try a strawberry

Astronauts could feast on fresh strawberries during long space missions.

Image of the nearby galaxy Messier 83

Spiral galaxy M83

Stunning new image of a galaxy similar to our own Milky Way.

A NASA Terra satellite image of the Leeward Islands in the Caribbean Sea.

The windy Leeward Islands

Test yourself: Which famous islands are in the Leewards in the Caribbean?