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The Sombrero Galaxy

Hubble wants you for the Zoo

Calling all space explorers – Hubble scientists want your help in the Galaxy Zoo.

Hubble Space Telescope image of part of the Carina Nebula

Hubble’s 20th birthday image

The Hubble Telescope turns 20 this weekend, and celebrates with an incredible new image.

Comet crash caused climate change?

Comet crash caused climate change?

Impacts by comet fragments could have cooled the Earth and wiped out species.

Image of Crane Glacier on the Larsen B Ice Shelf on April 6, 2002

Antarctic glacier retreats

Satellite images show a glacier crumbling into thousands of pieces.

Lake Frome, as seen on March 7, 2009

Desert lake fills with water

South Australia’s normally-dry Lake Frome get a taste of the wet season.

Earth seen from space

Earth was wet in its youth

Extreme greenhouse gases weren’t needed to keep Earth from freezing.

Sun begins a new cycle

Sun begins a new cycle

The Sun appears to have begun its latest cycle of sunspot activity.

Satellite image of the Panian Coalfield on Semirara Island

Island of coal

A huge coal mine stands out in this satellite image of Semirara Island.

Honey, I shrunk the receiver

Honey, I shrunk the receiver

Astronomy electronics could soon be used in mobile phones and other devices.

Satellite image of Llullaillaco Volcano.

World’s highest volcano

World’s highest historically active volcano, South America’s Llullaillaco.