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See a shooting star shower this weekend

The Eta Aquariids meteor shower is about to put on a sky show for Southern Hemisphere stargazers.

Biggest and best full-frame image of Pluto

NASA has released this image of Pluto, the final and best full-frame image taken by New Horizons as it speeded towards its encounter with the dwarf planet.

Live coverage of the Pluto encounter

Where and when to watch the online coverage of the fly-by of Pluto and Charon by NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft.

Earth has been hit 566 times over 20 years

A map released by NASA shows that Earth’s atmosphere was hit by small asteroids resulting in a fireball, on 556 separate occasions between 1994 and 2013.

Philae has landed

Following a 10-year voyage across 510 million kilometres of empty space, Europe’s Philae robot has landed on Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko.

Mysterious dance of dwarfs may force a cosmic rethink

The discovery that many small galaxies do not ‘swarm’ randomly around larger ones, is forcing astronomers to reconsider some aspects of how the universe formed and evolved.